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Football lay betting explained wordpress themes sports betting

Football lay betting explained

In football this is a new and increasingly profitable area for punters to take advantage of. Lay betting is also particularly popular in horse racing as it is often much easier to lay or bet against a horse than selecting the winning runner and rider.

Lay betting is common on betting exchanges and works when two punters have opposing views. When odds are agreed this then becomes a matched bet. The odds therefore that punters are willing to bet on are usually much higher than traditional bookmakers and betting exchanges notoriously have better odds.

Liverpool win or a draw then the best price in which to lay Manchester United is at 2. If you think Liverpool will not win Manchester United win or draw then the best price in which to lay Liverpool is 3. One of the advantages of lay betting and betting exchanges is the potential to guarantee a profit through back-lay sports arbitrage. This involves betting on both outcomes backing and laying so that your total liability or loss is less than your total return or profit. This can occur as individuals have varying opinions and thus odds on a result or outcome.

Differences in odds may also be brought about by a number of factors such as team news, injuries, suspensions and the starting eleven. Lay betting can also be used as part of a long term betting strategy. For example, Everton traditionally finish the Premier League season strongly and usually achieve a top half finish.

Backing Everton to achieve a top half finish whilst their odds are higher when they are in the bottom half of the Premier League table early in the season and then laying Everton when they have climbed up the table and are more assured of a top half finish should also guarantee punters a profit. Lay betting can also work on in play betting markets. This is similar to cashing out your bet earlier. Laying off your bet allows you to take reduced, but guaranteed winnings.

Matched betting is legal in the United Kingdom. Just be sure to only use sites that are certified with the UK Gambling Commission. All of the sites we recommend follow the criteria. When you lay a bet, you are betting on something to not happen. However, if it wins then you pay the winnings. This is known as the liability, i. To know more about our writers and our ranking method you can learn more about MyBettingSites.

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Just as long as that horse fails to win, you win. This can be seen in the below image, with the red number showing your potential loss if that selection wins, and the green numbers your potential win if those selections win the race. What you will notice are two different boxes. The blue box is your traditional back bet, and the pink one a lay bet.

For the purpose of this example, we are going to show you how to place a lay bet on Paris Saint-Germain. Once you click the pink box, the selection will show on the bet slip on the right hand side of the screen. Once you add the selection to your bet slip, you can add the stake.

The number circled below is your liability, and potential payout if the person taking your bet wins. If there is someone who already has cash in the system at the same price, the exchange will match your bets immediately. Otherwise, you must wait for someone to take the price which you have offered. This is how our betting exchange of choice for this example, Betfair, make their money. But as we mentioned previously, lay betting is vital for matched bettors. Matched betting is a process which turns bookmaker free bets into withdrawable cash, with little, or no risk.

Because lay betting is important for matched bettors, OddsMonkey have teamed up with the number one betting exchange, Betfair, to make life so much simpler. It was developed to make finding suitable matched bets easier. Previously, this would be a long, frustrating process. To get a better return with matched betting, you need to find an event where the bookmaker price is close to the exchange price. Our OddsMatcher tool scrapes the data from every bookmaker and betting exchange, and allows you to filter for suitable bets.

In the past, it was a point of reference only. But time is of the essence in matched betting. You simply lay the selection from this method. Follow on below for information on how to find these losing horses. Posted on November 6, by Lay Betting Systems.

Posted on May 14, by Lay Betting Systems. Posted on March 4, by Lay Betting Systems. Posted on February 27, by Lay Betting Systems. Posted on April 15, by Lay Betting Systems. Hey guys Our sister lay bets tipping service, Lay Bet Winners is having another awesome month. Posted on April 12, by Lay Betting Systems. Posted on March 1, by Lay Betting Systems.

In football this is a new and increasingly profitable area for punters to take advantage of.

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Football lay betting explained Greg Reply. E-mail address. This movement is called 'time decay' and it continues all the way to the final whistle unless a goal is scored. Compared to other betting sites, Betfair offers you interesting alternatives on the common betting system. Drayton Hammes.
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Football lay betting explained This involves betting on both outcomes backing and laying so that your total liability or loss is less than your total return or profit. If you continue to use our site we will assume that you consent to cookies. The next step is to wait for the game to start and a goal to be scored. During the game, they take a surprise lead. However, sometimes things happen beyond our control. There are plenty of lay the draw strategies to take advantage of at various points during football matches and most professional traders use it a lot.

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In the German Bundesliga or Premier League Market you will always find enough people who will back or lay your bets. To build a successful betting concept, it is essential to invest a little bit of time to fully understand the betting market. To conclude, we want to show you another strategy which can prove very fruitful, if it is done right.

To begin with, this strategy is not really for beginners. It takes a certain comprehension of the betting market and also the field e. But this is how it works: first you search for a game in which you expect a goal within the first half. So you compare earlier games of those teams and check if the teams are prone to scoring a goal in the first 45 minutes, or if one team is the favourite.

So you bet that either Team A or Team B wins. You offer odds of 4. The next step is to wait for the game to start and a goal to be scored. If a team scores, the odds on a Draw increases to e. Now you place 6. Team A wins: 10 — 6. As you can see you will not make a substantial amount with every bet, but if you use this strategy more often, you can of course yield some good profits.

The only case in which you would lose your stake of 35 Euros, is if the game ends with a draw. But firstly, we minimise that risk by doing a profound research before the game s and secondly, statistically speaking, only 6 out of football games draw If we caught your attention with this topic, we recommend you read our article about hedging in sportsbetting. Back to all Livetipsportal betting strategies.

Drayton Hammes. Double chance betting strategy Surebet betting strategy. Visit betting exchange Betfair. If you're new to sports betting, you're probably wondering whether it's possible to make money with lay betting. The answer is, of course, yes! You can apply many other principles and strategies of sports betting to lay betting, so as to win. A popular type of sports betting is value betting, where you find bets that have better odds than those offered by the bookmaker or betting exchange.

You can do just this with lay bets, by identifying opportunities to lay a bet at odds better than those provided by the exchange. Another popular type of sports betting is sports trading, where you place a bet and close your position after the odds have moved in your favor, for a small profit. Of course, you can trade lay bets!

Simply lay a bet, wait for the odds to decrease meaning that the outcome is less likely , and cash out your position! All in all, there are plenty of ways to make money with lay betting, just like there are with back betting. There are numerous popular strategies in the lay betting world. As with any type of betting, the more a lay betting strategy is shared, the less effective it becomes.

As a result, we'll only share two betting strategies in this section. Laying the Draw is one of the most well-known lay betting strategies. It involves placing a lay bet against the match resulting in a draw, before the match starts. Then, you simply wait for a goal to be scored at some point in the match, and cash out your lay bet for a profit. The strategy doesn't always work — especially when the underdog scores a goal — but it's an easy strategy to experiment with.

Back to lay can refer to two different lay betting strategies. First, it can refer to arbitrage , where you take advantage of the differences in odds provided by different bookmakers and betting exchanges to guarantee yourself a profit. In this case, you back an outcome in one place, and lay it somewhere with better odds.

The other type of back to lay strategy refers to sports trading. The idea here is similar: you back an outcome at certain odds, and wait until they increase before you lay that same outcome. This is akin to using Betfair's Cash Out feature, as it effectively pulls out any profits you have made without waiting for the bet to be completed. If you're looking to experiment with lay betting, here are two tips to help you on your journey:. A lay bet is a bet against a certain outcome happening. Lay bets are usually placed on betting exchanges, where they allow you to take the other side of backers' bets.

As with any kind of betting, there are plenty of ways to make money with lay betting. However, there are definitely a few things to get used to, like the way stakes, profits, and liabilities work for lay bets. Do bear in mind that you'll still need some kind of strategy or model to profit, though!

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