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Phantomjs 2 0 binary options

Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. You have to set the path to the PhantomJS binary using 'options. The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:. I am not an expert, but it seems that since html-pdf is installed globally you have to link these global installations to your project.

So my installation looks like this:. If this is somehow not the real way to go, I would be happy about other suggestions as I am planning to use this for an upcoming project. Thanks Paul-JO Working fine. Great that it works balaji I noticed some issues after doing this when installing new packages as those linked packages do not contain repository fields in their package descriptions.

Are you using html-pdf on the frontend or the server? I've been using it on the server without any trouble but I just tried to use it on the frontend in order to save the data transfered up to 1mb per generated PDF , and this error happened I have Win10 and Node 6. I too faced this error even after redoing npm install html-pdf. This was the reason, when we encountered this problem.

See also pull request Jack Fenton. Hi pete, is the master branch not 2. That's what I'm trying to figure out - I'd appreciate any commiters to clarify where the source for v2. I do see a branch for 2. Can Tonic. Thank you Vitaly! This could solve a bug I have. Is there a chance you could upload a version for Ubuntu Sean McNamara. Last time I looked into Ubuntu And that was with PhantomJS 2.

You should be able to get a recent PhantomJS binary build running on Or use an absolute path or wherever you put these dependencies. Thank you for release.. Can't start on CentOS release 6. And can i use promises in that version? Grab a newer libjpeg from a modern system like a supported release of Fedora, if you want to stick with the Red Hat ecosystem and chuck it in a dir that libdl can find, or upgrade your CentOS. That's going to be a lot easier for everyone than having to compile binaries to work on each and every Linux distro and version released in the past 10 years.

Santosh Hegde. I'm using Redhat and im getting the same error. Is there any way i can run this without these libraries. I don't have permission to install extra dependencies on the machine. Phantom 2. You don't need "permission" to "install" anything. If you have the ability to write files to any single directory on the system -- which you would need to download the PhantomJS 2.

You can download libjpeg. A user shell is perfectly sufficient for compiling or downloading and running just about anything, regardless of the version of the OS you have installed. Your other alternative is to compile PhantomJS from source, which will eliminate some of your dependency problems by using system libraries. I think it is pretty unrealistic to expect the PhantomJS volunteer developers to compile PhantomJS for zillions of different ancient Linux distros that people use.

There are too many different userspace combinations out there to support them all, and that would take too much developer time away from actually writing the code that makes PhantomJS successful to begin with. If you're going to run an ancient Linux distro, the onus is on you to obtain the libraries needed to run modern software. That's how it's always been. Yes, I had the mindset that extra permission required to install it.

Because I cannot say to my clients to install so many things. I thought I was going mad when setting:. Glad to know I'm not the only one that is mad :. Also, it seems I am unable to produce more than one page with the same settings as 2. Sudheendra Hr. Hey Vitaly,. Thanks for the latest version, badly waiting for it as older version of phontom was not supporting some of the libraries that React uses. My test project uses maven for building, I modified RepositoryMap. Please guide me how to proceed.

Hi Vitaly,. Abhinav Pandey. Yup same here. And I am unable to render more than 1 page? Ravi Sharma. Hi Vitaly, i am getting below error while running a maven project on my office server. Hi Vitaly, i am getting the error mentioned below. Can you please build the binary with all dependencies like jpeg,png. Because when we are deploying our application to any remote VM to run the automation, we won't have root privileges to install these dependencies.

Mike Tsvietukhin.


As new versions of Phantom are released and vetted, this module will be updated accordingly. The major and minor number tracks the version of PhantomJS that will be installed. The patch number is incremented when there is either an installer update or a patch build of the phantom binary.

This should work fine for most people. Or add property into your. This is useful to entirely override the phantomjs download locaiton, i. As of this writing there are lots of custom builds for phantomjs2, particularly to get it working on various flavors of linux.

If you plan to install phantomjs many times on a single machine, you can install the phantomjs binary on PATH. The installer will automatically detect and use that for non-global installs. It's a separate environment and code written for node is unlikely to be compatible. I have had reasonable experiences writing standalone Phantom scripts which I then drive from within a node program by spawning phantom in a child process. This package is built on CentOS 5. It should run successfully on Lucid or more modern systems including other distributions.

There is no requirement to install Qt, WebKit, or any other libraries. It is however expected that some base libraries necessary for rendering FreeType, Fontconfig and the basic font files are available in the system. This error means that NPM was not able to install phantomjs to the file system.

There are three major reasons why this could happen:. This error means that something went wrong with your internet connection, and the installer was not able to download the PhantomJS binary for your platform. Please try again. Do you live in China, or a country with an authoritarian government? We've seen problems where the GFW or local ISP blocks bitbucket, preventing the installer from downloading the binary.

Try visiting the the download page manually. Some Linux distros tried to rename node to nodejs due to a package conflict. This is a non-portable change, and we do not try to support this. The official documentation recommends that you run apt-get install nodejs-legacy to symlink node to nodejs on those platforms, or many NodeJS programs won't work properly. Recommender About Contact. PhantomJS wrapper for. NET C Run javascript from. NET code. NET application. Useful for executing javascript code on server-side in real web context.

Wrapper provides. NET Stream reading result text or binary from stdout into. Try NReco. NET 4. NET Wrapper enterprise source code pack Includes: component source code, commercial license for redistribution and SaaS usage, license key required for. Don't spend your time and money on PhantomJS integration: it's already done!

Feel free to ask. Can I use NReco. Component cannot be used does not work in the following cases: partial-trust environments where starting new processes is prohibited shared ASP. NET platforms where System.

You you decided to use different location for phantomjs. Wrapper can be used from. NET Core applications: portable build that targets. NET Standards 1. About web page rendering to PDF. HasExited check added. NET Core-compatible netstandard1. GetTempPath is not writable.

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Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone. Refund policy. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, within 30 days from the purchase date, we will fully refund the cost of your order. PdfGenerator NReco. PdfRenderer NReco. ImageGenerator NReco.

PhantomJS NReco. VideoConverter NReco. VideoInfo NReco. Data NReco. GraphQL NReco. NLQuery NReco. Recommender About Contact. PhantomJS wrapper for. NET C Run javascript from. NET code. NET application. Useful for executing javascript code on server-side in real web context. Wrapper provides. NET Stream reading result text or binary from stdout into.

Try NReco. NET 4. NET Wrapper enterprise source code pack Includes: component source code, commercial license for redistribution and SaaS usage, license key required for. It may sound a little irritating at first, but you should seriously think about not using a browser at all to execute your JavaScript unit tests. It is possible to use Jest in Angular projects too. The advantage is that these tests run way faster and can be executed completely within Node.

This also means no special setup on the CI server is needed. The downside is that they are not executed in a real browser and you have to mock browser APIs. Additionally, if you have end-to-end tests, you are going to need a real browser setup anyway.

Instead of the karma-phantomjs-launcher , you install the karma-chrome-launcher and configure Karma accordingly in your karma. This will open a Chrome window and execute the tests within the browser. Chances are, you are already using this setup for local debugging. The karma-chrome-launcher also supports a headless preset which makes working with Headless Chrome dead simple. You only have to change the preset:. So far so good, but what about running the tests on a CI server?

For Travis, there is a Chrome addon that can be included. And Jenkins? With the karma-sauce-launcher , running tests with various browsers is easy locally as well as on the CI server. You configure custom launchers for each browser type and toss in the connection credentials as environment variables.

Sauce Labs is a paid service. A very naive approch is to run Chrome in a Docker container. For this, we create a Dockerfile that installs Chromium and exposes its remote debugging port:. You can then build this image and start the container. By using the karma-script-launcher , we can configure Karma to use this script to start Chromium. It then executes the tests with Chromium running in a Docker container:. While it is pretty promising to be able to use the same image with the exact same browser version locally, there are some issues with this method:.

So when adopting Docker, why not go all the way and manage the whole Jenkins slave with Docker?